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Guan Luo Feng Yun Lu-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradis (1st Dec 22 at 6:57am UTC)
There was a storm in the city outside, and the nine-fingered God and demon asked Moye to think that he would not be mistaken. Even if he was wrong, the figure of the man was hidden, and he stepped around with his own skill, but there was still no trace. This was enough for him to suspect and ordered him to surround and wait for the man to reappear. Of course, he is not the life of the fighters surrounded, but transferred a few big bodyguards, plus the capital excellent capture fast, a total of ten people, in shifts to watch this area. In addition, he and the cold-faced monk Che Pi were ready to meet him at any time. In addition, Deng Mu lived here, and it happened that the three incense lords outside the Xuanyin Sect were working together to search for the suspicious figure. If it is Shi Xuanzhong, it will be a coincidence! Snow Mountain Carving Deng Mu found time to go home again in the evening. He just sat and talked with Ruizhu in the outer room. "Godfather, you're always in a hurry these days," he said. "Is there anything happening recently?" Deng Mu nodded, and then she asked, "The child is a little confused, that is, is there someone with such great courage and ability who dares to go to the emperor's forbidden official to make trouble?"? Aren't they afraid of being arrested and sentenced to death? Deng Mu smiled and said, "It is precisely because there are many people who are not afraid of death and have the ability to make the emperor restless that he hired us to work in the palace."! There are all kinds of people in this world, and there are many who are not afraid of death! The palace was on strict alert again tonight, because the Jiangnan Eight Express had heard that they were gathering in the capital again,aluminium tile trim profiles, plotting against the law, and in the secret list, there were even more people like Mr. Gongsun and Mo Yunjian Rong Yifeng. Are they very powerful? Godfather, are you afraid of them? "It's just that a few of the people in the south of the Yangtze River are more difficult, but the rest don't care!"! But I have something to tell you. I won't go home for eight or ten days. You don't have to worry about me. "Where are you going, old man?" "No where, just in the palace.". Just because General Ningguta had a tip-off, saying that he had picked a ginseng king in Changbai Mountain, which had become a human form. After persuasion,china tile trim, he could live forever and be invulnerable to all kinds of diseases. This kind of treasure between heaven and earth is rare through the ages, so he offered it to the emperor. But some people in the martial arts world have learned about this. This kind of ginseng five treasures is also the treasure that people in the martial arts world want to get at the cost of their lives. Because if you take this ginseng king, you can at least get two years of practice. At that time, you can fly with your breath. You are a land immortal. But this is only a rumor. It is doubtful whether the ginseng king has such a strange and wonderful use, not to mention those who take the ginseng king. It is necessary to practice the skill of authentic internal breathing in order to be effective. Otherwise, at most two arms in the air to increase the power of God, the body is light and good at jumping! For this matter, we have been dispatched by a secret decree. In order to send a good hand out of Beijing to welcome the guests, I can't help being empty, so I can't find time to go home. Taizhu said, "Godfather, you don't have to go to the capital to get into danger, so the boy can rest assured." Sound. He is very sincere and loving. Deng Mu smiled and said, "Earlier, I talked to your mother about your life. I'll take care of it for you when I'm free on official business. You're not young. Is it me?"? It's like 17 years old, right? Ha, tile profile factory ,stainless steel tile trim, ha-why are you shy? This is the end of some major events with a good, good, I do not say, anyway, there is no certainty of landing, ha. They chatted again, and Deng Mu hurried away again. Shi Zizhong dared to stay in Ruizhu's boudoir. He had tried to leave very carefully, but immediately found that it was impossible to leave in the daytime, so no one stayed until the evening. Li Ruizhu worried, she did not know why this stranger, would be so concerned, would rather fight shame, but also take him in the room, do not let him risk to leave. During this period of time, Shi Xuanzhong had told her that he already had a wife and was now almost on the run. As soon as he was recognized, he would immediately cause a storm everywhere. This situation is indeed beyond the tolerance of ordinary and normal people. Now, Shi Xuanzhong knows one more thing, that is, Mr. Gongsun and Mo Yunjian Yifeng are both in the capital, and they are on the blacklist. So, of course, Yi Jing is also in the capital! At this time, he suddenly ignited ambition, his heart is very eager to see Yi Jing, take back the Green Destiny Sword and the first half of the secret book, so he can regain his prestige, and then fight the world's first master of the ghost mother Yin Ji. He is eager to do this, so that the world can see what kind of person Shi Xuanzhong is! Whether it is the fire offender Cui Wei, the Lord of Biluo Island Yu Shuchu, Mr. Gongsun and others, the most important thing is Zhu Ling! He wanted these people to see Shi Xuanzhong, the poor road on the mountain. _: Dezhu tries to get some food for him. Her two strange eyes frighten Shi Xuanzhong more than the most powerful sword in the world. Because he knew vaguely what was going on in her mind about him, and that was what he was most afraid of and wanted to escape. In the evening, Shi Xuanzhong said goodbye to her. It was a very embarrassing scene. When Shi Xuan * jumped out of the house, his back was covered with sweat, and he felt very uncomfortable. Li Ruizhu gazed at the dark sky without any trace. She silently prayed to God in her heart to let the handsome young man leave safely. In this anxiety, there is a sense of comfort at the same time! As a weak woman, she sheltered a world-famous hero, and she found herself beginning to have a different view of the world. She had suffered from poverty, Ling Di and so on before, but those sufferings did not seem to be true. But now she really touched the suffering: the feeling in her heart that a hero in distress had been so surely helped by her seemed more real. She did not think of the question of whether he would come again or not, and the happiness of this life made her love life, but she was not mature in the end, just a girl's vague dream! Shi Xuanzhong, with superfluous worries and uneasiness, jumped out of the alley, and his body fell into the dark corner, listening quietly. By this time it was nearly the middle of the night, and there were no pedestrians, carriages, or horses in the streets outside. The ancient city seemed to be in the shadow of death, and there was only a scene of dead silence. He listened carefully in the shadows,tile trim factory, and in a moment, he had entered the realm of nothingness when people practiced meditation and forgot both of them. He could hear tiny breaths all around ten feet, and he could even hear the sound of Ruizhu turning over gently on the soft bed in the boudoir. jecatrims.com
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