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Queen of the Scourge (Queen of the Damned) _ Anne (1st Dec 22 at 6:57am UTC)
What we see and hear only reinforces our own misery. We hate everything around us, and we can feel that those people hate and fear too. Although we couldn't understand them, our red hair and being twins made them very uneasy. Because their custom is to kill twin babies, and the red-haired child is sacrificed to the gods, which is a symbol of fortune. In that fleeting moment, we see through everything, just waiting for fate to come. Kaiman is our only comfort. He brought us clean linen towels, fruit and beer for us to enjoy, even combs for us to fix our hair, and clean clothes. When he first spoke to us, he said that the Queen was gentle and amiable, and that we should not be afraid. We knew that what he had said was not deceitful, but we still felt that it was not right, as the king's emissary had said a few months ago. We know that our trials have just begun. We are also afraid that the elves have abandoned us. Maybe they don't want to come here because of us. But we did not respond to them, because if we did not respond,stainless steel tile edge trim, we would not be able to bear it. One night, the Queen finally summoned. We were taken to the temple. The spectacle made us giddy, even though we were secretly contemptuous. With Akochi and Enkiel sitting on the throne, the Queen was no different from what she looked like now, a woman with strong shoulders and limbs,stainless steel tile edging, a face so delicate that she could hardly see any head, only seductive beauty and a soft voice. The king was now not a soldier but a dictator. He wore formal clothes, jewelry, and braided hair. His eyes were full of sincerity, but it didn't take long for us to find out that the real ruler was Akochi. She has the skill of speaking, and her tongue is so beautiful that it is hard to resist. She told us that our people deserved to be punished in this way, and that special favors had been given to them-usually the barbarians of the corpse eater should die more slowly and painfully. She also said that because we were great witches, we were given special amnesty. The Egyptians should learn our ability to control the invisible. She immediately asked, "What is our elf?"? If they are evil spirits, why are some of them good? Are they gods? How did we get the rain to fall? "We were hurt by her rude and brutal attitude and began to cry again.". We ignored her questions and threw ourselves into each other's arms. But one thing is clear: from the way she speaks, from her choice of syllables, stainless steel edge trim ,aluminium edge trim, we know that this person is lying, but she doesn't feel it. Through the surface of the lie, we can see the depth of the fact that she is trying to deny. "She killed our people because she wanted to get us, and she instigated the king to carry out the'holy war 'because we had refused her invitation.". She wants us to bend our knees to her. She's curious about us. This is what our mother saw through the letters of the tablets at that time, and perhaps the elves also saw the future in their way. Until now, we have seen the whole picture of the ferocious. Our people have died because we have consorted with the elves, thus attracting the attention of the queen! "We were very puzzled: in that case, why didn't the soldiers just take us away?"? Why kill all our people? But the most terrible thing is that the Queen's shoulders are covered with a self-righteous moral cloak. She was so blind in that dress that she ignored everything else. She convinced herself that because our people were barbaric by nature and the location was far away from her hometown, she would simply kill them all, and by the way, she would not kill us to satisfy her desire to peep at us. So we will be grateful and answer every question she asks. The Queen does not have a real ethical system to govern her own actions, she is just one of many ignorant human beings. But she couldn't stand it, so she made up her own structure and believed in him. Those beliefs are just a cover for her convenience! Her war with the corpse eaters was just a cover for her real dislike of that custom. She did not practice such customs in her home town of Yuruk, so she could not tolerate the independent culture of other peoples. Everything is just so so. But there was a dark despair in her heart, unable to accept the meaninglessness of things, and to impose meaning on them with her own strong drive. Understand my words: this woman is not a shallow person, if she works hard, she can make the world what she wants to be to comfort herself and let the light shine. But she can't empathize with the pain of others. She knows it, but she can't feel it. When we finally can't stand the dual nature of this division, we have to look at her carefully, because now we have to deal with her. The queen was not yet twenty-five years old, and her power over the land was unlimited, and many of the customs of Yuruk were rooted here. She is beautiful, but she loses her true beauty, because her delicate face overshadows any king's strength or deep mystery. Her voice is also childish, which makes others mistake it for a gentle musical echo, but we almost go crazy when we hear it. She kept on asking, "How do we do magic?"? How do we know the truth in people's hearts? Why do we claim to deal with intangibles? Can we also talk to her God? Can we help her understand more about divine knowledge? She is willing to forgive our barbarous customs if we are willing to offer her what we know. She spoke in a straight line of thought that would have made a wise man laugh. But Makai was annoyed by the lameness. Of the two of us, she always speaks first. Don't ask any more stupid questions! ' She said, 'There are no gods in your kingdom. The so-called gods are spirits, and they play with you through priests and religious rituals. The names Ray, Osiris, etc., are but names for the elves,metal trim manufacturers, and when they are satisfied, they will throw out some signs to make you praise them even more. ” Both the queen and the king stared at her in horror, but Makai continued:. jecatrims.com
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