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Wesley 095 (Make a Wish) (1st Dec 22 at 6:45am UTC)
But the red silk sighed, "I forgot to ask him, where is the blue silk?" Bai Su smiles: "I asked, the blue silk went back to the blue family cave." Hong Ling asked Cao Jinfu with a smile, "Lan Si is my cousin, my mother's cousin, and my mother's mother. There are many stories about our family." Cao Jinfu is unexpectedly very strong: "Our family's story is also many, but has the blood feud in, is very miserable." Cao Jinfu is excellent in martial arts, and the red silk is as knowledgeable as the sea, but listening to their dialogue, they are all innocent, like children. At that moment, Xiaoguo took his leave first, went to arrange to watch Hua Wu, and made an appointment to come back two days later. After Wen Baoyu entered the study, I knew that he could not come out without more than twenty hours. I went in to see him several times, but he did not even raise his head. He just gestured to me not to disturb him. As a matter of course, Cao Jinfu stayed in my guest room. He and Hong Ling were already very familiar with each other. They spent a lot of time with Zu Tiankai. Over and over again, they listened to Zu Tiankai talking about the tragedy that happened 60 years ago. Every time they heard it, they gnashed their teeth and sweated with hatred. His kind of situation, really makes people angry and funny, Bai Su can not help sighing: "If you can not find out the Yin, I think he can not return to normal!" " I also sighed: "If we find out the trouble, things will be worse!" " Bai Su kept silent, because he could never imagine that if he found Yin Cha, he could ask Cao Jinfu not to avenge his blood feud! Since there is no way,brushed stainless steel sheet, it is useless to be anxious, so we have to talk about it later! Early the next morning, Wen Baoyu stretched himself and came out of his study, shouting, "It's fun, it's fun!"! "Whenever we get together again, I also want to attend. No, Chen An-an, Huang Lao-si must recognize me!" Without waiting for an answer, he went to the door. "I have to see my mother!" Bai Su disapprovingly: "You come back,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, doesn't your mother know?" "You can't blame me," said Wen Baoyu. "If she knew, could I have read those accounts so quickly?" Bai Su naturally remembered the terrible scene when Wen's mother arrived, so he did not say any more. On the third day, a group of people gathered at my residence to listen to Xiaoguo talking about the results of monitoring Hua Wu. Xiaoguo's surveillance work was impeccable, even more perfect than he had imagined. He installed a bug in Hua Wu's residence, secretly recorded equipment, and sent someone to track all Hua Wu's actions. For two days, every action of Hua Wu, even his sleep, was hard to escape, and was recorded. The situation is the same as what Guo said last time. Hua Wu's life is very simple. Apart from going to the dining room as his foreman, he never goes out again when he returns to his residence. His big hobby is listening to music. Generally speaking, it's all Korean folk music. Although the melody is simple, it's very beautiful. He closes his eyes and shakes his body slightly. He listens to it for hours. Twice, he falls asleep while listening to it. Then is to eat, all kinds of snacks, eat non-stop, 304 stainless steel wire ,mirror stainless steel sheet, it is a grab to the mouth, swallow ferociously. He had no contact with anyone, not even on the phone, as if he had no family in the world. Xiaoguo finished reporting, looked at the white eldest brother, the white eldest brother stuffy hum, the expression is big dissatisfaction. Xiaoguo is very unconvinced: "Grandpa, have you done enough kungfu?" White eldest brother's face is more ugly, this kind of situation, everyone can see, the old man opens his mouth, what he says, will never be pleasant to the ear, Bai Su hurried before he opened his mouth, loudly called out: "Dad!" The white eldest brother sneered, his face was still ugly, but most of them had put up with what they were going to say. Xiaoguo stared at the white eldest brother and did not speak. The white eldest brother did not look at him and looked at me: "Monitoring a person's actions, if that person found out, what kind of surveillance is this?" Before I could react, Xiao Guo blushed and shouted, "I dare say that Hua never knew that someone was watching him!" White eldest brother "hey hey hey" sneer at three times, but also laugh Xiaoguo face pale, suddenly stand up, will leave. I do not know why the white boss will be so sure, the white boss has already said: "Detective Guo, if you are willing to stay for a while, I think, there will soon be a result!" A group of people did not know what Boss Bai meant by this. Wen Baoyu spoke quickly and wanted to ask. The phone rang. As soon as the red silk grew up, she grabbed the phone, listened to it, and handed it to Boss Bai. Boss Bai made a gesture to her, indicating that she would press a loudspeaker button so that everyone could hear it. What come out in the phone is the voice of Hua Wu: "eldest brother, somebody hired git detective to monitor my action, really funny, is the second brother old and confused, do this kind of thing?"? Have you forgotten where I come from? Bai Laoda's voice is calm: "Don't wrong a good man!" Hua Wu shouted, "Boss, it's you!" White eldest brother admits: "Be I, still call me to see a problem to come, are you to say by yourself?"? Or should I spill the beans on you at the next party? Don't try to slip away. The dragnet has been removed. Wherever you slip away, you can avoid the first day of the lunar new year, but not the fifteenth! Everyone heard the conversation between Hua Wu and Boss Bai. When Hua Wu talked about "Git Detective", everyone politely suppressed their laughter, but Xiaoguo was as embarrassed as he could be. However, the next words of the white boss seemed to be that he had completely known the secret of Hua Wu, which surprised everyone! I immediately looked at Bai Su, Bai Su also looked frustrated, I made a grimace, meaning that the white boss was cheating, Bai Su did not respond. Another listen to the phone, spend five quiet for a second or two before dry laugh: "boss, I did not expect you will cheat!" " All of a sudden, things developed in a way that was really unexpected, and for a while, everyone was silent. A few days later, Boss Bai told us how he had seen through the conspiracy of Hua Wu. He was very complacent. He first said a few words to Xiaoguo: "Do you think that if you go to someone else's place, do whatever you want, turn over rivers and seas, and install so many instruments,304 Stainless Steel Bar, they will be dead and will not know?" Xiaoguo murmured a few words, probably because the instrument is very small, and the installation is very clever and so on. sxthsteel.com
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