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Other World Players _ 20200215155759. (1st Dec 22 at 6:38am UTC)
"What Yunxia Xianzun means is that we must snatch the nine-turn dragon sarira?" Yang Haoxuan asked doubtfully. Clever, this encirclement and suppression of Ciyun Temple, we must make a great contribution, get the greatest benefit, prove our strength, and the best is that we want to slay the head of Ciyun Temple, the thousand-eyed Buddha. Yunxia Xianzun said with a smile. Yang Haoxuan nodded in agreement, plundering the magic weapon, nature is good, but he felt that the nine-turn dragon sarira, will not be as simple as Yunxia Xianzun said, for the killing of the thousand-eyed Buddha, he also carefully recalled the situation when he used the eye of insight in the demon cave. At that time, he only knew the name of the other side, the specific strength data, all can not see, it proves that the strength of the thousand-eyed Buddha is very high. Suddenly, Yang Haoxuan's face changed greatly, he just slightly converted, he found a terrible situation. An eye of three flowers, comparable to the immortal. However, the thousand-eyed Buddha has one hundred eyes of three flowers, three hundred white eyes, three hundred red eyes, and three hundred black eyes! Not counting his own strength, on this point alone, Yang Haoxuan thought that he was probably invincible. He immediately asked, "Yunxia Xianzun, do you know how to cultivate the thousand-eyed assistant?" Speaking of this, Yunxia Xianzun pondered for a moment and shook his head helplessly: "This thousand-eyed Buddha is rarely born. Since the ancient ghost eye clan was destroyed, no one has seen him. I think the specific strength should be at the peak of Xianzun. At most, it is Jinxian. When all the masters of Tianhe mainland are present, he can only die obediently." "It's for the best." Yang Haoxuan said bitterly, so it seems that Yunxia Xianzun does not know the true strength of the thousand-eyed Buddha,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but when he thinks of the power of a thousand ghost eyes, he is afraid. Three hundred red eyes, how strong should his immortal power be? At the beginning, Duanmuhong had a red eye, and any magical power came easily, and it was very powerful. Now, three hundred, darling, it's scary to calculate. Not to mention three hundred supercilious eyes and one hundred three-flower eyes. Afraid to attack the confidence of the people present, Yang Haoxuan did not say this terrible result, only hope that the thousand-eyed Buddha phase is not as powerful as he thought! Yunxia Xianzun seemed to see something, but he didn't ask. He said, "Three days will be over soon. I have to go back to prepare. Qingmengzhai is still a sect of Zhengdao after all. I can only be with Zhengdao when the time comes. Yang Haoxuan, what are you going to do?" "I'm going to attack the front and take it by surprise." Yang Haoxuan said lightly. That's a good idea, but how many people are you going to take? Yunxia Xianzun knew about the situation in the Heavenly Palace, so he was a little worried. All the elders, all go, except for a few Taishang elders, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, the remaining 231 elders know nothing about the background, pull them to encircle and suppress, see the situation, clean up, screen out credible. Yang Haoxuan has already made arrangements: "True disciples, let them be in the sect, and make the elders feel at ease first." "But your two hundred elders are all half-immortals and immortals, and they are not strong enough." Yunxia Xianzun said doubtfully. Ha ha ha, didn't you see that I invited the lion back again? Yang Haoxuan pointed to Shikeba. Shikeba also patted his chest and said, "Don't worry, when the time comes, the ten leaders of the demon clan will help you with me!" "Well, thank you very much. You will certainly get a lot of credit when the time comes." Yang Haoxuan immediately responded. Shikeba nodded with satisfaction. When Yunxia Xianzun saw that Yang Haoxuan's work was watertight, he was relieved and got up to leave: "Let's meet again after those three days." Say that finish, turn into light, disappear. It's the same with Shinkaba. Go back and get ready. Yang Haoxuan took a little rest and summoned the four spirit beasts, Yanya, Tang Yurou, Xiaoye and Fengchenying, which were the core forces of the Heavenly Palace and had the strength to participate in Ciyun Temple. In front of them, Yang Haoxuan said his plan, that is, three days later, to lead them, as well as those who have recently taken refuge in the elders to encircle and suppress Ciyun Temple, a few simple words, soon finished. Those present, who were also great people, were not much surprised by the encirclement and suppression of Ciyun Temple. But Feng Chenying suddenly stood up and asked for instructions, saying, "Master, there are several true disciples who also want to take part in the encirclement and suppression. I think they are talented. Why don't you take them with you?" As soon as Yang Haoxuan's eyes brightened, Feng Chenying managed the True Disciple, and now he also recommended the True Disciple. It seemed that he would not suppress the talent, so he agreed and nodded: "Since they asked, let's take them together. Our inverse Heavenly Palace was established in chaos, and we should also grow up in chaos." "Yes, come in." Feng Chenying immediately motioned to the outside and said. Immediately, several rays of light landed in the hall, and several true disciples were kneeling on the ground. True Disciple Nifeng pays his respects to the Supreme Master of Zhangjiao! "True Disciple: Pay a visit to the Supreme Master of Zhangjiao!" "True Disciple Nihua pays his respects to the Supreme Master of Zhangjiao!" "True Disciple Nihan pays his respects to the Supreme Master of Zhangjiao!" Naturally, it is not a coincidence that the names of the three true disciples all have inverse characters. This is the rule of the Heavenly Palace. If you become a true disciple, you will be given a surname. As for Feng Chen Ying, he is not called by his name now. After the four true disciples of Tiandaomen, everyone calls him by his nickname. Feng Chenying's nickname has only two words: Jueying. (True disciple bit player: Ying Feng, Ni yuan, Guang Hua, Ni Han have already appeared. They don't follow the surname because of the setting arrangement. They can only be inverse. The background of life will be written later ~ ~) Chapter 437 encirclement and suppression of Ciyun Temple. Yang Haoxuan watched the four true disciples kneeling on the ground, looked at the past, and nodded from time to time. The four disciples had extraordinary appearance. More importantly, their talent was as high as Feng Chenying said. They were rare talents. Unfortunately, they had become great and had the strength of half-immortals. The foundation had been firmly laid. Otherwise, according to the character of Aicai, Yang Haoxuan must spend gravity to cultivate the same powerful existence as Fengchenying. Abrupt, Yang Haoxuan asks: "You stand up to speak, also need not kneel down later,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, I do not like this, I ask you now, why to ask actively to fight?"? Ciyun Temple is a master like a cloud. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com
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